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Services Available from American Construction Services, Inc. of Tampa

As a full-service construction company, ACS is your one-stop shop from initial project planning efforts through construction and system start-up support services.

Offering project and construction management expertise, a skilled craft trade workforce and the resources necessary to take on projects of all types and size, ACS is your partner to project success.

  ACS performs many services, including the following (click on any item to see details):    
Pipeline Installation & Maintenance

ACS performs pipeline installation and maintenance services for petroleum pipelines, natural gas pipelines, industrial process pipelines and steam pipelines across all pipeline material types including steel, carbon-steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys and some composite-material piping systems such as fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and PVC piping.

ACS offers qualified Clock Spring® technicians. This method of pipeline repair uses a clock spring composite sleeve reinforcement system, which allows the pipeline to stay operational during repairs.

ACS also routinely conducts pipeline right-of-way maintenance and emergency response services on underground pipelines.

Bulk Fuel Terminal Upgrades & Maintenance

ACS routinely performs fuel terminal upgrades and maintenance projects including:

  • Pipeline relocation
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Flare tube units
  • Construction of and/or additions to truck loading racks
  • Bulk tank demolition and construction projects
  • Pipeline, pump and valve maintenance projects
  • Annual re-certification of bulk fuel dock hoses and associated terminal pipelines
  • Pipeline cleaning and fuel recovery
  • Manifold fabrication and installation
  • Construction of bulk fuel tank containment systems

Tank Management/System Upgrades & Maintenance

With our pollutant storage contractor license, ACS is capable of performing a variety of above-ground storage tank (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) tasks including:

  • UST decommissioning and removal efforts
  • UST and AST cleaning efforts
  • Installation of additional AST/UST systems in unison with existing system components
  • UST/AST pressure testing/leak detection testing
  • UST/AST relocation services
  • AST floating roof replacement tasks

Industrial In-Plant Maintenance Services

ACS provides in-plant maintenance services for many of our customers to include:

  • Structural steel fabrication and repairs
  • Conveyor system maintenance and repairs
  • Demolition and subsequent installation of bag houses and hoppers
  • Chemical/feed silo maintenance and repairs
  • General building maintenance, renovations and repairs
  • Concrete containment systems
  • Structural foundations
  • Specialty steel fabrication
  • Utility maintenance and repairs
  • Roadway maintenance and repairs

Mechanical & Electrical Engineered Systems & Controls

ACS performs various types of mechanical and engineered systems and controls projects for its clients including:

  • Process instrumentation
  • Fuel flow meters
  • Engineered systems and controls for HVAC units
  • HVAC testing and balancing processes

Pollutant Storage Systems
Similar type services as "Tank Management/System Upgrades and Maintenance"

Specialty Welding & Fabrication

ACS conducts specialized welding and structural steel fabrication, including:

  • Aerator fabrication
  • Switch rack structure fabrication
  • Process piping welding
  • Natural gas pipe welding and fabrication
  • Specialty structural steel fabrication, including silo louvers, etc.

Site Civil Works

ACS has a full complement of earthmoving equipment that we utilize to conduct site preparation and restoration work, surveying tasks, foundation preps, right-of-way maintenance and roadway maintenance and repairs.

We also do concrete work, including ADA compliance bus landing pads, structural foundations, pipeline footers, sonotube footers, pump containment systems, fuel tank containment systems, etc.

Construction Management Services

The project managers at ACS are seasoned construction management professionals with lengthy track records of successfully managing a variety of construction projects to high degrees of quality, within contract schedules, and within approved customer budgets.

The ability to effectively manage project scopes, schedules and budgets allows ACS to minimize project delays, reduce re-work items, and eliminate costly change order requests.

These attributes are particularly important in today's challenging economy, and they add tremendous value to our customer base.

Chillers, HVAC & Plumbing Systems

ACS has successfully completed dozens of new chiller, air-handling unit, and various HVAC projects for our clients, particularly on projects at MacDill AFB where we have been commended for our performance on a number of complex chiller and HVAC replacement projects.

ACS has also completed a number of chiller replacement and HVAC projects for the Hillsborough County Schools Department and other county agencies.

Building Renovation Services

As the economy continues to struggle, clients are looking at renovation versus new building construction. To that end, ACS has been getting involved with more commercial and industrial building renovation efforts. This type of work includes total interior and exterior renovations, building rehabilitation efforts and building component salvage efforts.

We are currently bidding on several building renovation projects including terminal warehouses, terminal office buildings and terminal material silos.

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